Directory Covers
A gallery of work by talented local artists

Our phone book’s cover features lovely local art. Our community is brimming with talent, and we’re delighted to highlight these artists. For more information about our annual directory cover competition, call 845-986-2090. To celebrate more than a quarter of a century of local art on our directory covers, we’re sharing with you. Enjoy!

[Click a Photo to View]
1980 Barns on Route 94
1996 Pulpit Rock
1997 The DeKay Barns
2002 Applewood Orchard
2006 View from Dekay Bridge
2012 Black Dirt Morning
1981 Late Afternoon
1987 Our Glenmere Stella Fenell
1998 Little York Road
Waiting for the Train
2008 Early Fall on Greenwood Lake
2007 Railroad Green Warwick
1983 Sugar Loaf
1988 Main Church Streets
2000 Raynor Farm
2004 Bairds Farm
2010 Ball Farm
2009 Spring Barn
1985 Bog on Distillery Road
1992 Vernon by Moonlight
1995 Morning Light on Wisner Road
2001 Rural Warwick
2005 Amity Church
2011 Warwick Valley Winery